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How could we affect the Earth? Here’s how…

Awesome post a couple of days ago over at Starts With A Bang.  It’s titled, “How Could We Affect The Earth?“, and it details in layman’s terms what exactly we’re talking about here.  It’s said that there are lies, damned lies, and statistics, but there is no arguing with simple numbers that undeniably show we […]

Welcome, President Obama…

I have looked forward to this day for a long time, perhaps all my life.  A politician has entered the highest office in the land, and he’s articulate, visionary and highly intelligent.  Who woulda thunk it?  We have had smart presidents in my lifetime before, and even articulate presidents (Bill Clinton comes to mind).  But […]

Gorillas in trouble…

Sad news from Congo, and getting worse: Gorillas’ protectors besieged in Congo During three months last fall, militiamen wielding AK-47s also slaughtered thousands of hippos in Lake Edward, whose waters for a while turned red from the blood. In that instance, rangers believe, the slaughter was for money, the meat from one hippo fetching $300 […]

Breakin’ the Law…

I doubt that I will ever understand why large corporations are allowed to break the law, ostensibly in the interest of the public good but actually in the pursuit of greater profits, whereas the rest of us are expected to adhere to the strictest letter of the law.  It is especially troublesome when the “exception” is […]


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