I am not a scientist.

But, I am science-interested, and I’m a scientific skeptic.  In everyday life, I’m just a guy.  I’m a husband and a father of two great kids.  I’m a photographer, a musician, and a computer hobbyist and professional.  I’m artistic, and I’m creative.  I’m a Seattle Seahawks fan, and I love video games.  And most of all, I love knowing that we live in a rational universe bound by natural laws.  It’s humbling, and it’s awe-inspiring.

Yet there are those who make the world a worse place by pretending to knowledge that relies on the supernatural.  This pretense does great harm, and brings great misery upon us all.  Much of that misery goes unnoticed and is taken for granted, and to the non-skeptic, my statement probably sounds pretty dramatic, but I assure you it is quite true.  And I don’t expect you to take my word for it or make you do the work to figure out why I’d say such a thing.  In the tradition of science, I plan to tell you why, and I hope that you will listen.

I will try to be respectful.  I will try to be civil.  But it makes my blood boil that millions are harmed and killed by supernatural buffoonery, and I have politely stood by long enough, and I simply won’t tolerate it any longer.  This is my small space on the world wide web, and this is my small voice in a vast ocean, inviting you to join me in gaining the knowledge and perspective that science makes available to all of us – even us non-scientists.

After all, in this day and age, when the press of a button can mean the annihilation of millions, science is not just for scientists.  The fact is, we are all scientists, and it’s important that we know what we’re talking about and what we’re doing, because lives are literally on the line.  Pseudoscience is my target, and knowledge is the weapon.  These are my intentions with this blog, and I hope that someday, I can change even one mind that has strayed down the wrong path.

I am not a scientist.  But I am a scientific skeptic.  I hope I can convince you to become one too.